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Winestein Glass Mug

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Product Information

Amazon.com Product Description

A humorous nod to the wine aficionado who also enjoys a good ale, this feisty mug offers the best of both worlds. The vessel’s transparent design features an elegant internal wine glass resting on a slender stem, which just happens to reside within a hearty, generously sized beer mug. Durably constructed of double-walled glass, the mug helps keep its contents cool by eliminating direct contact with the inner glass, making it the perfect choice when serving up chilled wine, soft drinks, beer, and other best-when-cold beverages. Furthermore, its broad, sturdy base prevents sloshes and spills, with a smooth rim and oversized handle providing a secure way to sip and savor a drink–or toss it back with gusto. A memorable addition to bachelor parties or game-day gatherings, the versatile mug also serves as a fun conversation starter at dinner parties or backyard barbecues with the neighbors. Best of all, it cleans up easily by hand between uses, making it a smart and simple choice when entertaining. Handsomely gift boxed for giving or storage, the double-walled mug measures approximately 3-1/2 by 5 by 6 inches.

Product Description

Fred & Friends a beer-lover’s wine glass, or a wine-lover’s beer glass?
  • Beer mug with embedded inner wine glass brings tasteful humor to any party
  • Double-walled glass construction keeps beverages cool
  • Broad, sturdy base prevents sloshes and spills; oversized handle
  • Arrives handsomely boxed for gifting or storage; hand wash between uses
  • Measures approximately 3-1/2 by 5 by 6 inches
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