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Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

$89.99 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

From the Manufacturer

Your Music, Anywhere, Any Time

Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless speakers and headphones solution truly offers unlimited installation options for today’s consumer looking to high quality sound virtual anywhere. The beauty of this amazing technology is all of the 900MHZ wireless speaker options / products run on the same transmitter and frequency allowing you to add as many speakers as required for you unique installation. The signal works just like high powered wireless 900MHz phones delivering a crystal clear signal through walls or any other obstacles in your yard truly offering endless installation options.


Take Your Tunes Into the Pool

Unlike the speaker, the transmitter is not waterproof

The PoolPOD is waterproof and immersible

Waterproof and Wireless

Audio Unlimited PoolPOD 900Mhz Wireless Floating Waterproof Speaker Audio Unlimited’s PoolPod wireless floating speaker allows you to enjoy your music while relaxing in a hot tub, pool or any other water environment. This fully waterproof speaker is powered by 900MHz Phase Loop Lock circuitry, which guarantees a strong, clear signal up to 150 feet away, with no line of sight limitations. The transmitter delivers a powerful signal through walls or any other obstacles in your yard.

Works with Most of Your Current Stereo Equipment

Just plug in your iPod, computer, stereo, MP3 player or any device that has a 3.5-millimeter or RCA output and enjoy high quality music without the hassle of running wires. Volume, powers and mood light controls are on the speaker itself. The speaker runs on 6 AA cell alkaline batteries. The transmitter can be battery powered (using 4 AA cell alkaline batteries—not included), or powered via optional AC adapter (included).

Sacrifice Your Wires, Not Your Sound

Enjoy crisp treble with rich sounding bass—40Hz –12KHz frequency response, and the transmitter’s 3 channels ensure no interference.

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