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Nails in Motion Nail Protector

Freshly manicured nails look great . . . until you bump them against something, marring the shiny, smooth surface...

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Distortion Candlestick

A traditional candlestick form is distorted through a 3D rendering program, rapid prototyped, then cast. Material:...

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Water-Resistant ‘Drop’ iPod Speaker

Ever wanted to listen to your iPod mid-shower? Well, stop running the risk of moisture damage or dragging your...

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357 Magnum Gun Hair Dryer

How awesome is this? The Magnum 357 Hair dryer is a great blast from the past and is in like new condition, was...

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Mic Sing in the Shower Sponge

Everyone sounds like Pavarotti in the shower – thats why the Shower Mic is such a natural. Not only is it a...

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Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder

Hands-free grip & tip keeps small bottles steady. Prevent spills and keep bothhands free as you paint your...

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Night Light Book Rest Lamp

Reading is third best thing you can do in bed and the Book Rest Lamp is the perfect little home for your sleepy...

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Deep Water Bath Plug

Tired of your “spa night” being cut shallow by the ever lovin’ over flow drain in the tub? Plug...

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