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Zotto Chocolate Shot Syringes

$3.17 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Chocolate Shot

12 ml syringes
Durability: 4 months from the production

Innovation with a high fun factor: Fine pure zotter fillings filled into syringes
to bring the enjoyment kick without distraction and without side effects. Overall, organic and fair-quality.Packed in a drug-like packaging, with instructions in the interior.

Storage Information :
The first Zotter-creation that is to be stored in the refrigerator. Before serving of the Choco shot should temper orally half an hour at room temperature. This will allow the flavors to develop and work optimally.

FRESH PRODUCT : Chocolate Shots orally by convincing the freshness and flavor, thus offering a phenomenal experience that customers love to use. The short shelf life because it is recommended that oral Choco shots more often and having to order fresh.

in Austria: from € 15, – purchase value; in Europe: from € 25, – purchase value

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